V1 Cuts

Is it possible to link different engine failures to speed instead of time? I would like to practice V1 cuts and was hoping to set things up so I would get a variety of engine failures and fires at V1 if possible.


  • Actually I can't seem to get any of the engine failures to fire at all.

  • Engine fail funtionality is designed for the training edition and higher. You can however write your own script to invoke engine fail procedures.
  • Ahh roger, I take it the training edition is higher then Pro. Are you able to run the training edition on FSX? If I were to upgrade would I be able to link engine failures to airspeeds?

    When you are talking about scripts are you referring to computer scripts? I have my companies procedures so I have that covered I was just hoping there would be a way to trigger actual engine failures, fires, PEC and oil issues etc. Currently I just have each condition lever mapped to my throttle quadrant and have my girlfriend cut one of the engines at V1 haha, It works other then its hard to get here to do it more then once or twice before she is sick of it haha.

  • The TRAINING and COCKPIT Editions are the final phase of the Q400 development and is more geared to pilots, airlines, etc. It is very likely that the latter editions will not be FSX compatible. However at this time engine failures based on time are not implemented and is still under review to be added.

    I can however suggest a very useful utility that will allow you to fail the engines of the Q400 with the parameters that you require #FSiPanel. One of the best instructor station application within the simulation industry, and the developer is constantly adding aircraft to the profile.

    Scripts can be added to the additional pages of the SYSPAN for the PRO edition and this way one is able to write a script to their own specific needs. There is a SystemPanel pdf which gives some additional information this, along with with a "scripts" folder. in the "doc" folder with examples.

  • Unfortunately I am not savvy enough to write scripting like that. And it looks like FSiPanel is only for Prepar3d? I unfortunately don't have 200 USD to spend on P3D (not a lot of money in being a pilot right now haha) Is there a similar program that works with FSX?

  • Well those are the best options that I am able to suggest. I have put FSX to bed several years ago and do not look into utilities that work with it. We merely keep a working copy to test if needed, and that is very rare.

    Prepar3d has an Academic license as well, unless you plan on using the simulator for other purposes (training, instructing, simulating, or learning) then the Professional would be required.

    Academic License – $59.95

    Prepar3D Academic offers the academic community a platform to develop hands-on STEM lessons. In Prepar3D, students can:

    Take control and see the effects of their decisions
    Experiment with challenges that develop critical thinking skills
    Collaborate with students around the world to solve real-life problems and hone their teamwork skills

    The Academic License contains a watermark signifying the acceptable use of the license. The Academic license is provided at a discount for students. The Academic license enables the exact same functionality of the Professional version of Prepar3D.

    Please see the chart below and the End User License Agreement for more information about acceptable use.

  • Rog, yeah I was reading that, just a little concerned my old computer wont be able to keep up with V4. But Ill have to look into it. Thanks again for all the help.

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