I can't install the PRO Edition on P3D version 5.1

edited March 2021 in Customer support

I went to my user area to get the latest install set and see Version 1.020a full 32 bit PRO edition installer and Version 1.020b patch. I download and install them both and select P3D as the version of the sim I have and then have to select the path for P3D because it does not find it. I select D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 as the path and it installs. However it installs the files in a folder called "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" If I move the files to the P3D folder under airplanes, the plane loads but there is no landing gear and the plane does not work. How do I get the 32 bit Pro edition that I have working with P3D version 5.1? Thanks! David Fein.


  • Prepar3D v4.x and v5.x are 64bit simulators and you would have to purchase the 64bit upgrade available from the vendor from which you originally purchased your Q400.


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