2D panel night mode before sunset

Hi all,
I've recently made a few flights in the Seattle area. Noticed that even though it's still "day" the 2D panels are showing their "night" version. Did some checking altering the sim time, and was able to see the panel getting darker after 2200Z (1500 local), considerably dark at 0000Z (1700 local) and fully dark after 0130Z (1830 local).
Does anyone see the same thing? 2D panel gets back to showing "day" version if I rewind the clock to any time before 2200Z. Also, situation happens earlier the farther into west you go.
P3Dv4 HF3, MJC8 v1.021 pro rev2


  • Thank you for the heads up. We''ll give it a shot to if we can replicate.

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