Quick Question: Glass Displays Brightness

Hello, I recently reinstalled the Q400 after a hiatus due to moving to P3d V5.1 HF2 (latest and greatest). I tried the beta, but had issues, but recently saw there was a release version of the Q400 issued in Nov 2020 which I have now installed. So my question is my glass displays are dim on my system, but pictures on the internet show them as acceptably bright and clear. My question? Is there a way to adjust the intensity of the glass displays, like PMDG allows?

TIA and I look forward to learning all I can about your fine aircraft.



  • Hello,

    The MJC Q400 has the capability of dimming and brightening all displays. The appropriate controls can be found on the center pedestal for the PFD and MFDs.


  • Worked great! Thanks

  • good to hear,


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