Missing v4 CPAN after installing Q400 Pro 1.021 on v5

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Yesterday I installed the Q400 Pro 1.021 on P3Dv5.1, everything ran fine, and as far as CPAN functionality and the aircraft loading properly in the sim everything is great, but, today I realized that the CPAN for my v4.5 installation is gone, after installing the plane on v5.

Do I need to run the installer for v4 again after installing on v5? Is there a way to keep both versions working properly?

thank you


  • Hello,

    When you say "gone" - do you mean non-existent in the root folder of the program, or the shortcut on the desktop?

    Running separate version of the Q400 for v4x and v5x should not be a problem. However if you are running v4x you need to make sure that you are using the correct CPAN or SYSPAN for the version of SIM that you are running. this can be simply done by placing each one on the desktop is so desired and naming each one respectively. if this fails to work for you, then you can always access the said files from the CPAN or SYSPAN folders with in the root folder.


  • Hello kroswynd, yes the .exe was gone, like if I had uninstalled it, I only had the .ini config file.
    Anyway, I reinstalled the v4 version again and all is well, they're both there now working properly.
    The only reason I posted here was to avoid going back and forth with installations and end up running out of them.
    Thanks for your attention and sorry for the trouble.

  • Thanks for the info, that though is odd.


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