Screen quality with 4k monitor (font issue?)

Hi guys,

First of all: love your work. Got the pro version and couldn't be more happy about it.

Question: I have upgraded to a 4k monitor (which makes simming amazing) but it seems that some parts of the cockpit are "just" zoomed in instead of refitted with higher res fonts etc. For example the com panel that handles comms etc. looks quite bad and some texts too that have backlights. Is this an issue with my side?

Best reagrds,


  • Hello,

    Thanks for the kind words of appreciation.

    The quality of the text when zoomed in close does show that it is of low resolution. When this aircraft was developed 8 years ago we made every possible attempt to minimize on items that could hinder "fps" Now that technology is exceedingly better it is something that we may look at addressing down the road.


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