125hz Joystick #8 not usable

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Came across an interesting bug (or feature?) this evening while setting up my Q400 sim for its first flight in a while. I'm building a sim, so at the moment I have 10 different joysticks plugged in. Some BBI-64, some Bodnar BU0836X, a generic card, a throttle quadrant, CH Products rudder pedals and a Honeycomb Alpha yoke.

The way I have my joysticks setup, the Honeycomb Alpha yoke was "joystick 8" in the windows order (J8 in the ini file) when I was assigning axis's in my mjc84.ini file. I could not get the ailerons or elevators to move in the Q400 with the Honeycomb Alpha as Joystick #8 (J8). I eventually unplugged all of my joysticks, and plugged them back in. This time my CH Products rudder pedals were in joystick #8 and the Honeycomb Yoke found itself as J2. The ailerons and elevator moved, but now the rudder pedals stopped working. I unplugged everything once again, and got both the rudder pedals and yoke out of joystick #8 (J8) and they are now in J2 and J7, respectively.

So this leads me to believe that 125hz controls configured via the mjc84.ini will not work when you are trying to use a joystick in position #8 (J8). Is this by design or something that needs to be ironed out?



  • Hi,

    From time to time I get a similar problem.

    I have two set of controllers (pilot and copilot) but I disconnected the copilot controls as it was giving me troubles.

    My computer for Flihgt Sim P3dV4.5 does not run anything else.

    I do not know much about computers so it took me quite some time to figure out what was going on.

    When running dxdiag I found out CH Flight Sim = 0, CH Thottle = 2 and CH Pedals =3.

    However after calibrating the 125 hz as explained here:

    I found out in the mjcq400 ini file Ailerons and Elevators = J2 and Rudder = J0.

    Now for the buttons, the controller in Windows 7 shows these:
    A/P disengage = b1
    TCS = b10
    G/A = b5

    But these do not work and in the ini I had to manually set:
    A/P disengage = b0
    TCS = b9
    G/A = b4

    And now everything works fine (on the pilot side only).



  • What’s interesting is that I ran the MJC125 controls confit tool when my Honeycomb was in J8 and every single time the airplane would not respond to my control inputs. I manually adjusted the joystick assignment from J0 through J10 to see if maybe the config tool got it wrong, but it still didn’t work. I found the problem to solely lie with the honeycomb alpha in the J8 position.

    Unplugging each joystick and putting them in different USB ports eventually got it to where my rudder pedals and yoke were out of J8 and became functional with the MJC8400.

  • @q400sim,

    Drop us a line at our support email, I think the Boss uses honeycomb equipe T and may be able to offer some input.

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