Visual "Peak" of WORK-IN-PROGRESS for the Q400: P3D v4.5 and v5.x

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Fellow Captains & First Officers,

It has been a while since our last update, but this one is going to be short and simple. The title speaks for itself and we are not releasing any information regarding any other simulator platform or DeHavilland variant at this time - needless to say questions asked of such will be ignored.

A few months ago we put out a feeler for items that the community would like to see and so we have decided to provide some enhancements to the visual aspect of the aircraft. This post will only show some early work that has begun in the cabin, and so we decided to provide a few early development images.

We will be showing more images of the "AIRCRAFT" as they become available by our modeling team.

As always we thank you all for your continued support.

The Majestic Team


  • Wow, looking nice and realistic!

  • Looks great!!
  • The correct word is “Peek.”
    “Peak” means height, or top.

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    > @Hamsammich said:
    > The correct word is “Peek.”
    > “Peak” means height, or top.

    Really now? Thank you for the insight, I am fully aware of the difference between the two.

  • Pretty nice! That will look marvellous with an Alaska/Horizon Air interior. Looking forward to swing my bush on the updated Q400 B)

  • Seriously? Your answer to a typo is, "I meant to do it?" I mean, I didn't even mention that the phrase is "peek AT," not "Peak of." But, okay. The quality shines.

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    > @Hamsammich said:
    > Seriously? Your answer to a typo is, "I meant to do it?" I mean, I didn't even mention that the phrase is "peek AT," not "Peak of." But, okay. The quality shines.

    As mentioned before, thank you!!
  • Looks good. Will all these enhancements be made available as an update to existing purchasers, or will be have to buy an new version, or an add-on package?

  • The fact that "Peak" is in inverted commas indicates it was used intentionally...

    Nice previews! Looking forward to updates :smiley:


  • Is there any chance of building in a TOLD calculator along the lines of what used to be available through Aurasim or currently through my smartphone? The smartphone app works well but it has its issues, at least on mine.

  • @Orville46
    The enhancements will at this time be considered as an additional package, and will more than like have a charge associated with it. More details to follow when we are closer to completion.

    I sense that your creative gears are beginning to to turn on this one.

    It would seem that my intentional grammatical infraction is seriously frowned upon thus leading to a possible F- in the quality of my PR, Life is too short to get bent out of shape while trying to have some fun. We too are excited to see how she will transform with an enhancement package.

    We have discussed the feasibility of a TOLD calculator being developed on our end. I to would like to certainly like to see it implemented but more so via the FMS. Both projects would add more development time to the project, which based on the timeline which we are pushing against would further delay final output.


  • @UAL277 If you happen to be talking about the iOS app I developed (DH8D TOLD), please do not hesitate to reach out, either here by PM or using the App-Support button in the AppStore, with your exact issues. I’ll be happy to help.

    Kind regards,
  • This enhancement looks good but the exterior model and virtual cockpit are the ones which need enhancements. Being virtual pilot how many times you go to the virtual cabin? I have been flying this fantastic addon since launch but never went into the virtual cabin.
    In my opinion exterior model and VC should get the priority and the resources should be used for something which is more important for the simmers. This is a very high end and professional addon where priority should be given to professional stuff not virtual cabin.
    My 2 cents.
    Thanks and regards

  • Appreciate your thoughts on this. The train is already rolling so a bit difficult to turn back now, we will see the project through and hope for the best. Let's see where the train ends up.....hopefully on the right track.

    All aboard :)


  • You are welcome @kroswynd. "hopefully on the right track. All aboard 😊" tells us you are fully aware what we simmers like. Thanks and regards :)
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