Hardware mapping

Hi everyone,

I'm just starting to learn this beautiful aircraft and wonder if anybody has advice around some hardware mapping issues I'm experiencing.

I've generally had no problem assigning external hardware to the switches in the Dash 8 cockpit using LVARS and other events in Spad.Next but the buttons seem to be more problematic. For some reason they are don't seem to be as easy to find useful LVARS and even the mouse macros in FSUIPC struggle. For example the APU, PTU, Fuel Pumps etc are resisting all my efforts.

Would be grateful for any help.




  • Warwick,

    I’ve had good luck using LINDA for inputs. The profile on AVSIM includes most everything to run a functioning cockpit. I’ve reversed engineered the code to include inputs for the FMS and weather radar tilt and gain functions. Ultimately going forward until MJC releases the COCKPIT edition (which will hopefully alleviate the need for these third party applications), I plan on using LINDA for inputs and SPAD.next for outputs, though I don’t have any outputs programmed right now. If you do a search on this forum, there is some user documentation on interfacing the MJC84 with Arduino and XML code via FSUIPC, but I haven’t personally explored those options. My setup contains Bodnar BBI64/836x cards and LINDA. SPAD.next along with some led cards will come later.

  • Hi,

    Maybe this thread helps you to implement the hardware mapping:


    But be aware: You must understand the XML interface and must know about XML gauges and macros. The solution is provided as it is without support. Just as a guideline for people willing to dive deeper into the mapping of hardware to XML interface functions.


  • Hi guys,

    Thanks so much for the responses. I've not used LINDA or the XML interface and am not really a programmer. Not to worry, there's much to love about the Q400 anyway. I'm intrigued by the Cockpit edition though and will definitely keep an eye out for that one.



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