P3D v5.2 Crash

Since I have installed the Q400 in p3d v5.2, every flight I have done with the dash8 has crashed p3d with the error message DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG. This happens in climb on every flight I have done. I have not had this problem with PMDG or Fslabs planes. I have I7-2700 and GTX1080ti with the latest drivers.
Thanks Paul


  • This error is rarely associated with the Q400. Have you tried another driver to see if the issue re occurs?

    Unfortunately I don't go driver jumping each time a new one is released. But the issue that you make mention of has been one of P3D v5s issues which still happens for some users depending on system configuration and in game/simulator settings.
  • I have tried 2 older drivers with and get the same error.

  • I uninstalled some payware scenery and I did not get the same error message but unfortunately later in the flight the sim crashed. I believe this a problem is related to p3dv5.2. I am sure LM is working on it. Although I miss flying this great Dash8 I am greatfull to all you developers for the work you do.

  • Yes it is a P3D 5 issue as mentioned earlier. We do hope they are able to correct soon.
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