CPAN Not Applying Changes

Am using p3d c5.1. After entering changes : Flight Controls = Alerons+Mouse, Engine control calibration, and Weight and Balance amounts the fuel and weights change but the tiller does not move and the throttles do not have REV. The next time I open the CPAN the flight and engine controls have gone back to default settings and the weight page is empty. This did not happen in p3d v4.5. And yes I did press APPLY.


  • I have Controls disabled in p3d and use fsuipc v6.1.2

  • I guess no one else has this problem.

  • Lockheed Martin made some changes to their PDK with the introduction of version 5, and we have requested assistance to have them add that feature back to which they have not been very helpful in giving any feedback on whether it will be re-instated.

    This may result in changes down the road to the CPAN, however, at this time the workaround for the CPAN will be to RUN the CPAN with SIMULATOR off and make the change(s) that is/are needed in the CPAN, click APPLY and this will make the change, which you can verify in the mjc84.ini.

    The same applies if you are needing to disable/enable the HUD/HGS.

    Upon loading the Dash 8 again you should see the changes made.

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