Visual Expansion - Will I lose my installed liveries?

I have searched for an answer to this question, but didn't find anything. (Although, the lack of me finding anything may suggest the answer ... )

... I have downloaded and installed a number of 3rd party liveries for the Q400. Will I lose those liveries if I install the Visual Expansion Package? In other words, do I have to wait for, find, and re-download new versions of those; perhaps PBR versions?


  • The liveries folders should not be impacted, BUT the aircraft.cfg will be updated and will delete any additional liveries in the .cfg. I recommend backing up your .cfg before the installation of the Visual Package and then adding the liveries back to the .cfg

    The old liveries that you have will work without issue. There may be a few liveries where the technical markings may overlap ones that were made a part of third-party liveries.

  • Thanks for that detailed information. That's great news. I am now off to make my purchase.

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