HGS too dim with visual extension

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Hi @Boss @kroswynd , I just purchased and installed the visual extension pack on my q400 pro (p3d v 5.2 HF1). The first couple of issues I ran into: The HGS is too dim even with 100 percent brightness. Second the dome light is too bright. 3rd the display screens are still greensih. When open in 2d pop up They look the way they are supposed to look but in 3d not that good. Please have a look at the HGS screenshot.
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  • Hi @LineDX ,

    Thanks for the heads up and images provided.

    1. We'll certainly have another look at the HGS to see if we can replicate the issue you are reporting.

    2. The dome light we did make some adjustments during the testing phase to the point that we thought that we had a good balance for what it should be. One of the other challenges that could be faced are due to different in-sim configurations with shaders, one may yield different results. Here is a quick snippet of one of my machines, and will check another sim set up later when I have a moment to.

    3. The greenish hue is not a result of how the Q400 is programmed, but rather due to the characteristics of the client setup including the graphics driver and video card settings.


  • Hey,

    You must be usinga a shader program. This is the issue, the HGS is very sensitive to parameters changed by custom shaders (you may notice with your current settings that landing lights affect HGS brightness.)

    If by any chance you are using ENVSHADE you can fix this (and other issues) by dialing the "interior aircraft shadow depth" (or something like that) parameter all the way down with ENVDIR.
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    Hi @kroswynd @Genista , Thank you for looking into it. In fact I already tried deleting the shaders but that did not make a difference. I also tried different graphics settings and updated the Nvidia graphics card driver to the latest but that did no make any difference either. Before updating to the visual extension pack there was no issue with the HGS or the greenish hue on the displays.
    @Genista are you able to remove the greenish hue with envashade or Envdir? If you don't mind share few screenshots.

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    Hi @Boss @kroswynd , even re installing the q400 did not solve the problem. It's related to the expansion pack. Without expansion pack no issues.
    Also I saved a q400 flight and saved as a default flight with all the systems settings(eg screens brightness, tcas settings, cockpit internal lighting etc). After the expansion pack even after loading the saved default flight none of the settings come back(reset to defaults). This only happens with expansion pack.
    For the greenish hue, I tried various settings but did not solve the problem. I have seen many vids of q400 in p3d v5 on YouTube. I noticed the same issue as well so in my opinion everyone else is having the same issue in p3d v5. Majestic team needs to look at this one.
    Kind regards
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    Hi @LineDX ,

    Thus far with the testing that we have been doing with the HGS and lighting in overcast conditions we have been able to determine that changes with v5.x has provided some additional challenges. We are presently attempting to find a fix (fingers crossed). We have however noticed that the Q400 is not the only affected addon in this dilemma.

    I had a look at another well known "addon" and noticed similar traits at the moment.

    The greenish hue, as mentioned in my earlier post, there is not much we can do regarding this as we have not made any changes to the instrumentation display with the Visual Extension package, and our developer has confirmed that at this time not much that we can do to enhance this at this time without a major re-work.

    Once again thanks for your input.


  • Thank you for looking into it @kroswynd .

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