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Hi there!
I'm using the Q400 1.021 on P3D v4, and I can't disable the HUD. I read the post saying the CPAN must be used with P3D closed, which I did, but it doesn't work. What I noticed is I cannot find any line in the mjc84.ini file. Maybe I deleted it by mistake while writing Joystick Interface settings...
Can someone tell me what the relevant line looks like, so I can put it back?


  • Sorry for the noise, but I would really like some help on this 🙏

  • Since you are using P3dv4, the CPAN should work with the sim running. Be sure to run the CPAN as an admin. As for an entry for the HUD in the .ini file, I do not have one in my .ini file either. Although the I am able to add/remove the HUD with the CPAN.

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    The info provided by @Jax_in_BC is correct.

    The information that you read regarding the CPAN not working as intended is based on Prepar3D v5.x Since you are using P3D v4.x you should have not have any issues and can simply use the CPAN normally.

    1. Open the CPAN with the Q400 loaded
    2. Select the mode of desired HGS usage
    3. Click APPLY and the RELOAD THE AIRCRAFT not the simulator
    4. Upon the reloading of the aircraft the desired HGS selection should be seen
    5. There isn't an entry in the mjc84.ini for the HGS

  • Thank you both, I will make sure to try running CPAN in admin mode.
    Kroswynd, you say "reload the aircraft, not the simulator" but it should work anyway if I do this before starting the simulator, right? I was the case when I used the pro version on P3D v3 a few months ago. By the way, I'm not even sure what is the proper way to reload the aircraft in P3D v4, as I couldn't find a menu entry for that anymore (there was one in previous versions, and in FSX).

  • Reload: Navigate back to VEHICLE and re-select the aircraft variant that you have chosen to fly. And yes you are correct in that this can be done prior to loading the SIM.

  • Thank you! I wasn't sure this does a proper reload.

  • No worries

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