baggage loading with GSX

I have the Pro version, and GSX with Prepar3D 4.5. When I ask for the aircraft to be boarded or unboarded, the passengers get on the plane or exit the plane. But the baggage carts never arrive to load or unload the aircraft. I waited over 20 min. one time, and they NEVER show up. Is this a coding thing with the manufacturer of the plane, or a GSX thing with this plane? GSX works fine with all my other payware planes, and I have most of them.


  • Disregard, it just started working. Strange.

  • Having done some testing to verify your issue, I was not able to replicate the problem. If it happens again I would start by stopping and restarting the couatl for gsx and see if that rectifiers the issue.

    Seeing your post that it appears to be working could very well be a hickup in the gsx software.
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