Shared cockpit Altimeter issues Training Version and Pro Version

Good afternoon,

After trying two shared cockpit flights with two different users , I was using Training version and the others PRo Version , I've identified one issue that the altimeters settings were not synchronized.

For example when I set 1005hPA, the other user reads 1009 hPA , if the other user sets 1001 hPA, I read 1007 hPA.

May you please try to replicate and try to identify what is the source of this issue?

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  • In a shared cockpit environment the altimeters are not synchronized. They must be set by each pilot. That is intentional as they are not synchronized in the real aircraft.

    In the stand alone version one is able to choose altimeter syncing but not in a shared cockpit environment.

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    Dear Kroswynd.

    Correct... but both pilots should have the same altimeter setting reading and this is not happening.

    As soon as one make an input, the altimeter setting becomes unsync for example when one of us set 1005 the other reads 1009, etc.

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  • Are you both setting your altimeters to what it should be? If one of you sets 1005, the other person needs to set 1005 as well.

    Altimeters in a shared cockpit environment will not be synchronized
  • Good afternoon,

    Yes, we both set the same altimeter setting, but we have different readings on the QNH value, this happens regardless of the Altimeter setting value.

    Left Pilot sets Left Altimeter to 1005 , the Right Pilot will read a different value on the QNH of the Left altimeter and vice versa.

    This only happens when doing shared cockpit between training version and Pro version.

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  • Hello. Unfortunately we can not provide the compatibility of the shared cockpit between the PRO and the TRAINING edition. There is simply too much additional data in the shared cockpit interface, that can not be interpreted correctly by the PRO edition. You can attempt flying the PRO with TRAINING, but we will not be able to rectify the issues due to the the differences in the air data, flight controls, FMS and the failures logic

  • Dear Boss,

    Thanks for your input. Is there any workaround possible to have both versions installed at the same time?

    Best Regards

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