Calling GSX after landing causes engine shutdown


I have discovered a new and interesting bug. After landing, I called up the GSX menu to request parking services. As soon as GSX loaded in, the Q400 engines shutdown. And by this I mean, the condition levers remained at max and of course the pullfueloff handles were in, but the engines simply spooled down. I should add I had a couple 1000lbs still in the fuel tanks. I tried to restart, but even though the starter engages, the Nh begins to rise and the Np turns slowly, the fuel flow never exceeds zero and the engine will not start. Has anybody seen this before? I will look at the FSDT forum as well. Thanks!


  • Upon review I have narrowed this down to something in Activesky actually!!! I will continue to investigate

  • Well what the possible underlying issue may be is that you failed to mention what type of weather you operated or were operating the aircraft in. If it so happen to be icing conditions without the intake heaters turned on then it is possible that the engine(s) could have experienced a flame out. Due to snow/ice ingestion
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