Separate Engine Sounds from Cabin sounds

I want to have the Engine sounds play through my external peakers and the Cabin (ATC) sounds through my headphones. I have tried many combinations using the Control Panel. But, all sounds seem to be coming through the headphones. Maybe I just don't understand how to setup the Control Panel. Currently I have everything checked under 3D. I am not sure what I need to do to achieve separation of the engine sounds through the external speakers only. Do I check off FL [(Front Left Speaker (Left headphone speaker)] & FR [(Front Right Speaker (right headphone speaker)] " under LEFT POWERPLANT & RIGHT POWERPLANT respectively to achieve this? I am a bit confused.


  • I would think someone has possibly encountered and resolved an issue similar to this. Maybe not. Any help is appreciated.

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    This is possible with two sound cards and very possible if your headset is USB.

    It should be as simple as assigning you ATC software to your headset

  • Thanks, I will look into that. So, can I just leave all Cpan settings on 3D. I've been doing trial and error. Just wondering what "Captain's & CoPilot's", "Headphones and Speakers" are used for on the Sound Map? Can I check all "Global & Device Settings"? I don't remember what the default settings were.
    Thanks for your help on this.

  • Sorry I meant to say that my headphones are USB, and I use Pilot2ATC which goes through the Headphones. But I also get all of the aircraft sounds through the headphones as well. Just a note, I started the sim with the USB Headphones unplugged and the aircraft sounds were coming through the speakers with ATC through the headphones only. I, for some reason unpluged the Headphones and all aircraft sounds were lost through the speakers, I could only hear the ATC sounds, very strange. I assume everything would have been OK if I hadn't Unplugged the USB. Still a mystery to me.

  • You should be able to configure your sound configuration through the simulator to suit your audio input devices, primarily for pushing audio via your man speakers.

    Depending on the type of sound system the sound config tool allows one to assign various sounds to specific speakers/headsets.
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