I have the Latest Version Installed - AP Keeps Disconnecting - 1.024Update

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Hi, I have been experiencing an AP disconnect during climbs, on every flight I have tried since updating to version 1.024. It does not matter whether I climb using "IAS" or "VS" mode. It happens several times during climb to altitude and I lose about 3000' by the time I can recover & reconnect the AP. As well, another scenario, the airspeed will suddenly drop from say, 210 to 140 with the AP connected. I have had high winds aloft of around 80 kts head or 90 kts tail the last 2 flights. Would that account for the erratic behaviour of the AP? Is this normal for the Real aircraft to behave in this manner? If so, then I have no issue. It's just that I have only noticed this issue since installing the latest version (1.024). I did 5 flights last week with the previous version and experienced nothing like this. I am on a flight right now, finally managed to climb to my assigned altitude and I am cruising along nicely. It is actually my favourite aircraft and I use it almost exclusively in P3Dv5.3.



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    Just happened again. AP disconnect for no reason. Unfortunately, this is becoming an immersion killer, totally unflyable for me anyway. Possibly something was broken between the previous version and 1.024? When was the last version uploaded to Just Flight? Maybe there was a fix in the last few days.

    Update: IAS just dropped suddenly from 210 to 160 (red line) with AP connected, if that helps (No AP disconnect).

    Update 2: IAS just dropped suddenly from 210 to 130 (red line) with AP connected again, That was with Active Sky (AP3D) turned off as well . So that rules out AP3D I guess.

    Update 3. Happened again! shutdown flight and exited P3D. I am Very disappointed with the latest Update!


  • I'm going to try Uninstalling and reinstalling again with Just Flight.

  • There has not been an update, but more so new installers sent to vendors.

    Have you installed the new installer of which you advised that you are have these issues.
    Providing a video of the issue would be better for us to understand exactly what issues you are having, since this issue at this time is only being experienced by you.

  • Thanks for that, before the video (which I do not know how to do) I will try a new flight, but just a note, I previously disabled these two lines in the mjc84.ini file:


    I actually deleted the two lines as I had a conflict with a joystick button (that seems OK now). Could this be part of the problem. Maybe I should have left the TCS line enabled?


  • These will pose a conflict if the controller that is assigned at J0 with those buttons are assigned to different functions via your joystick binding process in P3D or fsuipc.

    Simply disable them by putting a ";" in front of the syntax, especially if you are not using the 125Hz control system.
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    Thanks, I did that on the latest install. But I am Happy to report, I started a New flight and everything is smooth as butter all the way up to FL250. No hiccups with the AP disconnect, all systems seem a go now after the re-install. So, I'm happy to have my favourite aircraft back and working as it should.

    Regards and again, Thanks for the Support.

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