2022_Updates for new installers PILOT v1.023 & PRO, TRAINING & COCKPIT v1.024

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Several days ago new installers were uploaded to all vendors that sell the Majestic Software Q400. The new versions of the PILOT, PRO, TRAINING and COCKPIT Editions are as follows:

PILOT: v1.023
PRO: v1.024
TRAINING: v1.024
COCKPIT: v1.024

Listed below are the fixes/changes implemented for each version/edition:

PILOT & PRO Editions

  • AFCS: No aural warning will be given if AP disengaged via AP button
  • AIR: Duct temperatures will be kept below 71 deg C
  • ANTIICE: Eng intake htr C/L will come on after engine start when no AC power is avail
  • Animations: Pilots will disappear from the cockpit when parked powered off
  • Animations: Pilots will not show brace position when in playback mode
  • ELECTRICS: DC GENs C/L will stay during engine start

PRO Edition:

  • FADEC: FADEC will fail upon landing with MLG collapsed


  • FDE: In flight crash due to incorrect gear location
  • Scripts: Added missing engine failure scripts

COCKPIT Edition:

  • ELECTRICS: Fixed taxi/flight switch not tripping to OFF with electrics power down
  • FMS: Fixed duplicated waypoints when connecting the procedures
  • FDE: Tail strike - Runway Touch sensor issue fixed


  • Intel Gen12 CPU compatibility: COCKPIT, TRAINING, PRO, PILOT


  • CABIN: changes in No Smoking - Seat Belt lights logic


The Majestic Software Team

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