How to update correctly?

Hello, i have been enjoying my Pro Q400 for ages and i've just realized that i'm still on 1_021 while 1_024 is, time for an update!

I was wondering how to do it properly, as i fear i may run out of activations here...i wiped my pc twice in the last year due to issues not related to my Sim softwares, but every time i had to reinstall the q400 from scratch and seeing the Activations counter going down, intimidating :D

So, it's better to uninstall and re-install from scratch or to install over the previous one?

(By the way, what happens once i have no activations left?)




  • A. Make a backup of files that you may have made changes to (mjc84.ini, aircraft.cfg and liveries folders, etc.)
    - Uninstall the aircraft, then re-install and be sure to use Admin Rights.

    B. Write to our Support Department (support (at) majesticsoftware (dot) com). Be sure to include supporting credentials used for the purchase of your original Q400.
    a. Order Number
    b. Vendor
    c. Email address used with purchase
    d. Full name used with purchase
    e. An explanation as to why your installations are exhausted

    Our search function also works and could have provided you an answer much sooner


  • Just want to confirm that after I back up the above recommended files and uninstalled my Q400, I should reinstall mjc8-400-Pro-1_024_x64-inst.exe (with admin rights) and then mjc8-400-VisExt21-1.024-inst.exe (with admin rights). (Purchased separately from Simmarket.)

  • That would be correct.
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