Course Knob Not Working

I have been flying the Q400 for a few years, what a great piece of software.
I reinstall it with windows 10, p3d 4.5 and am having a problem with the left course knob.
When flying in LNAV I press and hold the format button until the cdi appears and normally I turn the course knob and
and adjust the cdi to the ils course.
For some reason turning the course knob will not sdjuct the cdi, it remains without moving.


  • When I turn the course knob on the glaresshield the course deviation indicator does not change.

  • I have a friend with this plane installed in the same sim as me and he does not have this problem.
    Is there nobody from Majestic who can comment on this???

  • Paul,

    I seemed to have missed responding to this one, my apologies. It may be helpful to provide some video of the issue and or the procedure that you are using to help us decifer your problem.

    You advised that you have you uninstalled and reinstalled the aircraft. Did you do so using administrator rights? If not kindly attempt to repeat the process.

    If this has worked for you before then it could possibly be an installation that became corrupt due to a win update.

    If the issue continues then contact us via our Support department with your purchase credentials.


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    Thanks Kroswind

    This week I uninstall version 1021 64bit and installed 1024.
    I am still having this problem,
    I will try to make a video for you.

  • I removed your credentials, never post them on them on the forum. You send them to support via email when seeking assistance.

    If you are able to provide a video we'd appreciate it.

  • Ok thanks
    I just loaded the dash8 v1024 in p3d v4.5 and the course works as it should.
    Thanks for your help.

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