Engine fire on startup

Hi, everytime I start FSX with MJC Dash Pro the left engine burns together with the respective sound of a big fire. I need to reset the flight in order to do my usual procedures- everything is normal then. How can I get rid of this phenomenon? Where are the repective files (fire animation, sound) located. How can I get rid of any features that may linked to maintenance or lifetime of parts?
Txs in advance


  • Hi,
    Have you attempted to uninstall and reinstall the aircraft, and be sure to use admin rights.

    Are you using the most up-to-date version of the Q400 based on your simulator platform?

    You can attempt to load a default aircraft like the Cessna, and then load the Q400 to see if that may make a difference.

  • Yes, yes, yes- as I told you- when I reset the flight everything is normal. It's just a waste of time and a bit nerv braking. Could you pls answer my question: Where are the two files, the fire and the sound. I just delete them and we'll see what happens.

  • Everything is coded into the mdl there are no files to delete.

    When the simulator loads what aircraft do you have loading by default.

    This is an issue that we had in earlier versions of the Q400 and should have been fixed.

    What version of the Q400 are you using?
  • mjc8-q400-Pro-1_020a_x32_inst( this is the installer name as of Dec 2019) plus mjc8-q400-Pro-1_020bx32-patch-inst (a patch as of Jan 2022)

  • @flugmatz (Matthias),

    Thought I responded to your last post, apologies.

    Have you been able to sort the issue? I do understand that it can be a bit frustrating as it was when I first discovered it back in the early stages of testing he PRO, mainly because it was not always replicable, even though I was always loading a default FSX aircraft before loading the Dash.

    Work was done on the MDL to prevent this from happening, but it does still happen from time-to time for some users, and normally is driven by if they have a complex aircraft like a PMDG, A2A, TDFi as the default aircraft which loads when the SIM first opens up, OR if they have a complex aircraft loaded and then switch to the Q400.

    Outside of that we have not seen any issues that knowingly trigger the issue.


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