[p3dv5.3/mjc8-400Training1_024x64] DIST on PERF page too high: Bug or as designed?

Hi folks,

am I mistaken, or is the calculated distance DIST on the PERF page too high? :o

Cf. the other thread B)

I only speak from my fligh sim experience regarding other FMSes, ie. 717, 737, 777, 747. o:)

All disregard the legs behind the destination runway, I guess in order to check, if the timetable STA can be kept, and that the Landing Fuel calculations are still correct, or within margins. Their PERF INIT pages offer the RESERVE Field, which serves to input the expected Landing Fuel.

Any Dash8 pilots around?
Or the Majestic staff?

Thanks in advance.


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    One could think that -- as advised -- with the "No Link" behind the RW for landing DIST on PERF should not include the go around legs... usually I leave it in.

    Am I wrong?

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