[p3dv5.3/mjc8-400Training1_024x64] ET continues running while PAUSE

Hi folks,
after a breakfast break with PAUSE I noticed that the enroute timer ET continues running while the simulation is stopped (Pause). Also the double colon continues blinking with 0.5Hz. :/

CPAN settings:

  • Timing source = Multimedia Timer (else = Queue Timer: The clocks runs half speed only.) :o
  • FDE to FSX Sync = Disable (... or was this one causing the clock running half speed?) :|
  • Graphics refresh rate = Medium (not likely to have impact on this) ;)

Seems a minor bug to me.


  • We are aware of the issue, and is driven primarily due to the aircraft and the way it is modeled outside of the simulation platform.
  • Ok. Minor bug IMHO. Will ignore it, or I will have it in mind. Never mind. Thx.

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