Sudden tiller issue


I'm using a joystick for the tiller. Everything is configured OK and was working great but when I flew today, for someone reason it started to work in reverse. So when I "twist" right (to turn right), the airplane goes left and when I "twist" left (to turn left), the airplane goes right.

Can't figure out why it suddenly started to malfunction - literally over night - or how to correct it.



  • How do you have the tiller configured?

    How do you have the tiller configured?

    Thank you. I figured this issue out. Can't remember how or I'd share but I did get it fixed.

  • Very likely if it was configured in the mjc84.ini with a "-" in front of the syntax for tiller then it would cause the reverse action of what was expected. Or if setup in P3D's joystick binding and the axis was reversed then this too could cause an issue.

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