Landing and taxi lights issue/ Training edition/ P3D V5

Hello i'm having an issue with the training edition on p3d v5.
Landing lights are way too bright ( you almost cant see the aircraft from nose view, the bigger part of my monitor becomes white) and from cockpit view they are very dim.
Taxi light is also very bright and from cockpit view it doesn't have any difference whether is on or off.
Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you


  • Hello,
    Are you by chance using the BLOOM effect. If so reduce this off turn it off as it has the tendency to ever-exaggerate the lighting effect.

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    Hello, and thanks for the reply.
    I disabled the bloom effect and the lights return to normal. But from cockpit view they still very dim (you barely see the taxiways at night).

  • This has been a topic of discussion as some folks complain they are too bright while other express that they seem to be very dim.

    Is your issue being experienced at both default and addon airports?

    Keep us posted.
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    The lights were too bright in external view. Disabling the bloom effect fix the problem.
    The issue is that taxi and landing lights don't illuminate on the ground enough to see at night.
    Yes i experience this issue on both default and addon airports.

  • Thanks for the heads up regarding the airports in use and lighting.

    This can be a challenge replicate as our results in the lab are to opposite. Which airports in particular have you experienced the issue so that we could attempt to replicate.
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