Just upgraded motherboard and CPU. AH has "Aligning" VIS flashing +4 -4.
FMS crimson line flashing. Oil3648 PSI 5950.

Control panel settings won't save. FMC menus not working.

P3D v5


  • You are experiencing an authentication issue. Reinstall the aircraft using Administrator Rights.

    there are several topics available via the search function regarding authentication.

  • Hi, did a complete re-install. Did successful flight. INstalled Windows 11.
    Problem back same as before??

  • Installing a new OS will very likely trigger this issue as it interferes with protection of the addon.

    So if you installed a new OS after the initial install of the Q400 then I would recommend installing it again (if I am understanding you correctly)
  • Thank you, my suspicious mind was thinking same. Will try again.

  • All good now thanks.

  • Further problem now.Control panel settings won't save.
    Changed weight and air pressure to lb and in. Loaded Weight and balance. Nothing saved. Never had this before.

  • Have read other posts on forum regarding this.. I give up

  • edited December 2022

    The transfer of weights should work as always which pauses the simulator. However, regarding changing from kg to lbs and mercury to inches - there was a discussion piece offered by from @kroswynd in another post:

    P3D v5 introduced some issues with the CPAN which we have requested that LM look into. Until that issue is addressed (hopefully) there is work around that can be executed and works if done correctly.
    1. Open the CPAN as administrator (this can be done with the sim closed).
    2. Select the panel state of your choice (the same would be applicable for the changes to kg to lbs and mercury to inches) .
    3. Click the APPLY button at the bottom of the CPAN
    4. Open the mjc84. Ini and check the status of the panel state

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