v1.025 FMS Navigation Database Issue

Thanks for the update of Q400.
After update, it's nice to be able to select transitions from the CDU, but it doesn't seem to have fixed the wrong route.

It may be a Navigraph issue, but regarding RJOO TIGER2 Departure, there seems to be a problem with the route to TIGER when flying from Runway 32L/R.
Could you please investigate this as I am attaching the documentation regarding CDU and Chart? 

Runway 32L/R Procudure:
Climb RWY HDG to 500FT or above, turn left within 4NM from RWY end/ITE 2.1DME, via ITE R201 until crossing YOE R301 turn right to intercept and proceed via YOE R291 to TIGER.
Cross TIGER at or above 6000FT.

RJOO Runway 32L/R to TIGER route.

TIGER to SOUJA route.

FMS Route Selection

Please refer to images, but TIGER has been removed and changed to go almost directly to SUMAR.
Is this a bug or a Navigraph issue?
Is it normal?
I'd be happy to get more details.


  • This very likely is driven by an incorrect leg sequence in the Navigraph database.

    Thanks for the report of this issue. We will do some additional testing on this issue.
  • Is this issue fixable without a Q400 Update?
    Who is coding the program that converts Navigraph data for the Q400?
    I've checked the access data(nd.mdb), and it seems certain that it's the Navigation Database issue.

  • Is there any plan of the fix?
    I'd love to know what your plans are, even though there's been a bug about navigation for several years that hasn't been fixed.
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