Course knob

I have the Pro edition and the Course knob (capt side) Isn't functioning. Is there a fix for this. I'm also concerend I may have missed some updates. I purchased this from 'Just Flight' Is it possible to get these?
Thanks Raif C


  • Hi Course knob does not work also in latest Training Version in P3D v4.5. And only on #1 side.
    It works from time to time. I would say that it works in 30% cases. This means , if it works when I load the aircraft, it works whole flight.
    At the moment I cannot find the reason.
    I was beta tester for Training version and I notice this with latest version.
    Any advice from support?



  • Just to add. When this happens I choose new scenario in P3D v4 and choose other livery. Load that livery and again choose new scenario and again choose my first livery. Then in 99% cases it start to work again.
    And it is always Capt side

  • Thanks we have added this to our bug list for testing

  • Hi,

    I'm also occasionally having this issue and have some extra info that might prove helpful.

    Firstly, I've noticed that when the issue occurs the course is initially showing as 000. Whenever it works it always shows as 360.

    I also use FS2Crew, and if I ask the copilot to change the course (when the issue is happening) the knob can be seen to move and the copilot does call out that the course is set, even though the display stays showing 000. This would suggest that the issue is with the display, with the course variable actually being correct programmatically.

    Hopefully this helps.


  • Thanks Phil,

    We'll add this to the bug list for further investigation.

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