TOLD Cards and graphs


As it was discussed few weeks ago, some of us would like to have take-off and landing distances through the FMS. This is not feasible at the moment so as these data are (or were) freely available on the Internet I did the following:

Please note that these are the exact graphs from Bombardier but I changed few things and, of course, they cannot be used for real flying.

If you use the enclosed you'll get the same results as with the original files but in a different way.

Regarding the landing distances, the original use a graph which would give you an "unfactored" value and you have to multiply this value either by hand or using an another graph. This raw value has to be multiplied by a factor of 1.43 or 1.67 and this is the operator's choice. To make it easier I entered directly the result in METRES using the 1.67 factor so if you want this distance in Feet or with the other factor (1.43) you have to convert it and you can do what you like with the enclosed to suit your needs.

As you know, FSX (and I assume Prepar3d) do not take some factors into account like the runway slope, so you just have to ignore it.

I also enclosed a X Wind chart with the Q400 limits and a TOLD Card which I feel is quite suited for the Q400.

To use the graphs as they are in .jpeg, instead of printing you can use a free software like:

Enjoy your flights,



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