Can't turn on TCAS

Whatever I do I can never get TCAS beyond 'Standby'. I assumed (obviously wrongly) that selecting the TCAS switch on the console would active it. Please will someon tell me where I'm going wrong?


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    On the MCDU press and HOLD the button on the right of SBY (the button you also use to activate and switch the squawk code) and SBY will switch to ON ALT. Do the same again to switch back to SBY.

  • Also, it's the ARCDU (Audio and Radio Control Dislay Unit)

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    @bravomike said:
    Also, it's the ARCDU (Audio and Radio Control Dislay Unit)

    Oops, LOL, my bad! ARCDU indeed, of course! This (luckily) isn't an Airbus.

  • OK. Thank you.

  • Fantastic replies, guys. Just the gumtree I was searching for.

  • Hi,
    what was obviously the problem here was the change of the ATC transponder from STBY to ON ALT, by pressing the LSK 4R for 3 seconds. If I do this, it jumps to ON ALT, the TCAS automatically jumps to TA ONLY at the same time. On the ground I would like to let the TCAS but on STBY, which is not possible for me. About the LSK 3L I can not make a change, no reaction. I also have no STBY function in the selection window for the transponder (ATC 1 or ATC 2) via LSK 3R. There is only the selection ATC1 or ATC 2 here. I bought the Pilot Edition years ago and then the upgrade to the Pro version. Here it seems just to give differences to the pilot version, because in the manual from the Pilot Version on page 83 you can see what I mean.

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  • Incidentally, in the flight itself I can switch the TCAS between TA / RA, TA ONLY and STBY, just not on the ground.

  • Functionality of the TCAS did not change between the PILOT and PRO Editions. While on the ground by default the TCAS is in the STBY mode, buy holding the 3R LSK for 2-3 seconds one will turn the TCAS to the on mode.

    If you want the TCAS to remain in STBY mode on the ground then simply refrain from turning it on until ready for its use. The RA mode will be the ONLY mode available on the ground as it does not become active below either 800 or 900 feet. other wise one would be receiving multiple RAs during ground ops, takeoffs and landings below 1000 feet.

  • I would like to set the ATC transponder on the ground with the start of the engines or the pushback to ON ALT, the TCAS but only with the line up. So I keep the LSK 4R for 2-3 seconds and the transponder is set to ON ALT. Unfortunately, the TCAS of STBY is automatically set to RA ONLY at the same time. I can not operate the TCAS separately at the moment and put it back on STBY. In this video here the simulant flies in a shared cockpit with a real Air Berlin Dash 8 pilot, who explains a lot here. From 2:52:52 - 2:52:57 you can see what I mean. He, the invisible real pilot, is currently playing with the TCAS and can switch through all 3 positions on the ground using the LSK 3L while the ATC transponder is set to ON ALT.

  • @FraPre,
    I'm a bit rusty on my tcas/transponder info, but have to do some research on what you are querying.


  • That's nice and I hope I've at least clearly and understandably expressed what I mean exactly.

  • I think I've got it.... :)

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