Terrain Inhibit vs ND Zoom: October 23

During my aproach to RW08 Isafjordur BIIS under VMC, I pressed Terrain Inhibit, but I found that the zoom setting of the ND to be adversely affected by this as my required zoom factor couldn’t be selected.
Is it possible that there exists some odd interaction between these two functions?
Fabulous aircraft under 64-bit skies, thank you!
Best wishes,

Boss October 24
Automatic zoom selection is not affected by Terrain Inhibit function. This is a safety feature
Whenever there is a terrain warning, you will get the fixed zoom. Even if the audio warning is inhibited

Fab10 October 24
Thanks, I had an idea it was going to be "look out of the window, not at the ND" - VMC after all!
Great aircraft, thank you so much.

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