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Hi .... currently trying to set up a Fedex freighter repaint using the freighter model file downloadable here .... anybody tell me how to set it up as adding the model file to the model folder and the texture file to the plane's root folder(adding the entry to the aircraft cfg in the process) i get a no show .... ??


  • perhaps 'I get a no-show' a little imprecise .... what i mean is the Fedex liveried plane does not appear in the aircraft selection menu in P3D .....

  • Have just downloaded the Freighter model file, there is no readme file on how to add it to the sim. Instructions would be helpful, if possible.


  • Hi Stick,
    Thanks for the info, will give it a try.


  • I have tried following the instructions very carefully to get this to work in P3Dv4.5 but can't get the model to show only the regular one with windows in the Fedex livery!
    I tried everything including changing the aircraft cfg to point the model=model.F but that won't even get the aircraft to appear on the P3D list.
    Can't understand what I am doing wrong!

  • I sorted it myself by adding the folder "model.F" to the main mjcq400 folder. This must contain the downloaded freighter .MDL file plus the interior MDL files from the main "model" folder.
    The "model.F" folder must also have its own cfg file reading:


    Then make sure your aircraft cfg file reads such that it points towards the "model=F"

    Took me ages to work this out myself as many of these explanatory links are well meaning but missing important pieces of information.

    Perhaps it would be a really good idea if Majestic simply provided the full folder set up for this excellent addition so that it becomes daunting to use it.


  • Hello Tony,

    The Freighter model was somewhat of an afterthought project which we never really fully incorporated into the base model, primarily due to cargo variants at the time not being available or in sue as such when we released the Q400. Maybe we should give it some additional love in one of the future updates.


  • Not a problem! I think that extra TLC would be a good idea. There is distinct lack of turboprop cargo carriers out there and certainly none at the study level of your wonderful Q400. So yes that would be another good reason to purchase it. As if you needed another one? ;)

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    Can't get this to work. Any help please!

    Also can't figure out how to get the images I took of my steps big enough for you to view. Sorry!

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