Bouncing Aircraft When Loading Into P3Dv4

Hi, I have just performed a full reinstall of p3dv4 but now when I load the Q400 into the sim the aircraft bounces erratically and sometimes even flips over. I can fix it by reselecting the airport and location again. I have set the aircraft to load into cold&dark via the CPAN and this works ok its just the bouncing at the start that is confusing me. Also i dont have any auto save programmes enabled,




  • Edit: I tried some more testing this evening and found that if I load into an airport that is different to the default on the scenario screen (Eglin AFB), the aircraft works 100% - no bouncing around. Only if i load direct into the default airport i get the erratic bouncing.

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    I have the exact same here whenever I load the plane at the default location (no matter where it is) . Placing it on another spot, even on the same airport, prevents this from happening. Odd indeed but luckily easily avoidable. Just never start a flight at the default location of your default flight. ;)
  • One of the causes that we MJC have found that can be attributable for bouncing in some cases (most actually) is if the mesh resolution slider within the simulator is set above 5m.

    Kindly give this a try and let us know if it makes a difference


  • Hi Kroswynd, I tried multiple settings with the mesh but was getting the same result. It's strange that it only happens at the default airport. Maybe there is a issue with the scenery itself?

  • Interesting, as this was an issue that somewhat has been not been much of a topic lately. So you are only noticing this at the default P3D airport which is KVPS I think. Does it happen if you go to another P3D default airport?

  • So I have been doing a little more testing and loaded into various different default airports and its been perfect. This involves me going into the airport selection screen and selecting a different airport. So i thought this time i will load up P3D then go into the airport screen and select KVPS again then load into the sim... now this time the aircraft functions as it should, no bouncing around. So maybe by going into the airport selection screen triggers something in the background for the Q400 before you load into it? Just to note, I always select the aircraft I want to use first before going into the airport screen.

  • Had the same bouncing issue, the problem for me was that the v4 is launched always at pause mode even this option is unticked, so before loading the 400 unpause the sim and its work

  • Are you using EZCA? If so, enter in Effects and select taxi speed fix.

  • I have the same issue after I send data to flightsim through Control Panel. How to fix it? I use Chaseplane. Thank you

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