Hardware Interfacing

Hi Guys
I am looking to build a new home cockpit. I have previously built a fully enclosed Learjet45 sim based on the original FSX Learjet but I am looking for a new challenge and while there are many 737 or Airbus sims about but the Dash 8 Q400 has really taken my attention. I would be looking to purchase the Training Edition when released, in the meantime I could be building the hardware set up.

I have spent some time reading the forum pages and watching youtube videos to gather a lot of information , however, before I commit the CNC machine and 3d printer to building, I would like to confirm the interface set up.

I have found the Special Features Joy buttons document so it looks like Leo Bodnar cards can be used for inputs , is this the best option ? all inputs ?

I dont see much about outputs other than LINDA or Link2fs is there a suggested output card that can work directly rather than rely on third party programs ?

I did see an article about connectors but I think it may have been lost when the forum went down as I can no longer find it so any information on recommended output cards would be appreciated.




  • The Cockpit Hardware Interface is a UDP based network interface, which allows the numerous MJC8 Q400 components, such as our separate instrument executable, the 2D panel executables, as well as the custom built Dash-8 hardware - to be linked, enabling the user to build a full or a partial hardware cockpit

    Feel free to contact us via our Support email for additional information.


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