How can I use TCS?

Hello everybody, I have the PRO-edition, where TCS is included, but how to use it? The button on the Yoke is inactive and in the lists of FSUIPC I couldnt find TCS or something similar. So whats the secret of using this possibility?
Thanks and regards, Guenther


  • Thanks Reinhard for this link. But is there a reason to make it so complicated? I am at least unable to manage the described installation. We have in our Flight Simulator Club someone who knows all about simulation and as he was technical officer in the Luftwaffe he knows also flying in reality. He is also our specialist for the Q 400 and he knows all their systems but he also said to me that he doesnt use TCS due to the fact that access is so complicated. Thats a pity.
    Regards Guenther

  • It's a pity that you/he don't understand the reasons for the complication...

    Still doesn't change the answer to your question - it is how you use TCS. No-one forces you to use it if it is beyond you and your resident expert.

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