P3D 4.4 sound problems - crackling and distortion


I'm having the exact same problem as Kosta described back in 2014 in this thread (https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14030). The sound is badly distorted, most noticeably in the external views, but there's also a lot of popping and crackling in the cockpit. Unfortunately, as an audiophile, it's really hurting my enjoyment of what is otherwise a spectacular aircraft.

It seems like something fundamental is going wrong with the sound system. Kosta mentioned he was in touch with Oleksiy. Any solutions from 2014 or more recently?



  • Well, two weeks later and no answer. That’s really a shame, especially as this is apparently an issue that’s been known to the team for years.

  • We handle issues via priority, while this is something that we have investigated there is not an immediate fix due to our sound processing implementation, which as been discussed at length in various posts and or directly via our Support.

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