No APU GEN Perpar3d v4.4

I can activate the generator after the APU start, but the GEN warning light remains on and no voltage from the APU generator is displayed in the sys-page electric. Is there a trick or is this an error with Prepar3d v4.4? I can't remember that I had the error with the old version...
BR, Mathias


  • Are you by chance using the 2D panel?

  • Nope, but after landing I could activate the GEN. It just not come up at the beginning of the flight. Very strange... :)

  • Are you able to repeat the issue? I am not able to test the issue at the moment (out of town on family business}

  • I had this issue the last 2 flights. Please let me know if you need any special testing or further information. But there is no hurry, family business first :)

  • Do you have External Power switched On? External Power has priority over APU Gen and the EPCU will not allow the APU Gen to go Online as long as External Power is selected.

  • oh, that was the case - problem solved :) Thank you very much!!!

  • Glad to here :smile:

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