P3D v4.5

Anyone used the Q400 in P3D v4.5, are there any issues?

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  • Only done one flight so far but working fine.

  • No issues on my side yet either.

  • Cheers guys, I've pulled the trigger on it and so far can't tell much difference aside from it loading photo scenery a bit faster.

  • Early Beta testing of the P3D 4.5 build showed no issues, no need for any patches. However if you find something be sure to let us know.


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    Noticed today that the P3D freezes for a moment (5-10sec) when trying to turn it off any switches using 'Right Click' (fine with left and middle mouse). During the freeze, it is impossible to move the camera and the switches will only obey to right click command if camera is not moved during freeze period. Not sure if directly linked to 4.5, but I managed to find several other users with similar problem when they moved to version 4.2 and 4.3 after launch.

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    Unable to replicate, I have been using the Q400 for the last 3 days with out issue. If anyone else is able to replicate kindly make mention of this here.

    Thank you

  • Hi Kroswynd, thanks for the prompt reply. I believe it is actually a P3D / Windows issue, rather than related to Majestic Q400. It seems right click freezes or lags within P3D for some odd reason. Clear installs and new drivers or usb ports do not seem to solve. Apologies for the confusion, but if anyone has any clue related to this I would be glad to know. Thanks!

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