Flapsetting accidentally wrong

Accidentally forgot to retract the landing flaps completely yesterday. I left the flap position at 5 degrees during the cruise flight. There was no audio warning or similar. Speed was about 240 kias. With the original this would have probably ended in a catastrophe.

Maybe something for the "to do" list.



  • Some thing for which to-do-list?

    The primary reason for using the checklist would be to help avoid leaving the flaps down, especially if you are flying the aircraft as a single pilot. IRL sometime heavy work loads during the departure can lead to as crew member missing the flap call and flaps have from time to time been flown in the 5 deg position for most of the flight.

    The Q400 would not provide an aural warning similar to some other aircraft, however the red speed tape indicator on the left of the EADI would indicate that you would not be able to fly above a given speed with the flaps extended.

    The flight IRL would not have ended in catastrophe, but would certainly require an inspection "IF" the flap speed was exceeded. Now depending on the speed at which the flaps were exceeded additional inspections would be required

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