Losing / Muffled Sound when switching cameras with Chaseplane


I just bought the Dash8 and I noticed that after configuring the aircraft and the cameras using Chaseplane the sounds are muffled or lost when switching from cockpit to external and vice-versa. I have to manually click with the mouse in the cockpit for the sounds to return to normal (looks it is looking focus somehow). After some research, I read some posts from 2017 reporting a similar error when using Chaseplane, but at that time an update from Majestic seems to have solved the issue. I am now running P3D v4.5, MCJ84 1.020 64bit, Chaseplane v 1.0.38 Exp. on a Win10 64bit machine, so wonder if I missing something.

Any ideas please?

Thank you!



  • Hi Arturo,

    you will find a hotfix in the User Area (http://majesticsoftware.com/mjc8q400/support.html). This should solve your issues. :smile:

  • Issue solved, many thanks.

  • Is this hotfix still available? I can't find it in the User Area.

  • Will check into it...thanks for the heads up

  • @CaptKornDog,

    Are you using the correct credentials whilst logging in. Simply asking as some user who may have upgraded frombthe pilot edition sometimes inadvertently use their old order number which may cause an issue depending on how the account is setup.

    If this is not the case then kindly reach out to us via out Support email with your credentials that match the current version of the Q400 that you are currently using.

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