External GPU Will not Disconnect

I am starting with C&D. Aircraft loads with engines shut down and external GPU attached. Going through the procedures, after starting APU, I click on the MCDU to cancel external power, the GPU disappears for a second but comes back again. I cannot disconnect the GPU.

Thanks in advance



  • Let's start by Uninstalling the aircraft and re-installing using Administrator Rights by right clicking on the installer and Run As Administrator.


  • I've done this twice and still the same result, I will give it another go. By the way I am using FS2Crew add-on as well (Button Version).



  • Have you tried doing this without FS2Crew running?

  • New install, no FS2Crew. Same symptoms.

  • What version of the Q400 are you running and what simulator platform are you using? Have you applied the patch available via the User Area?

  • I am using the 64-bit Majestic Software - Dash 8 Q400 PRO Edition, Windows 10, P3dv4.4. I didn't applied the patch. I will go and get the patch.

  • I applied the patch and still the same. GPU will disappear and seconds later come back again.

  • When you say come back....it physically reappears in front of the aircraft? This is rather bizarre as we have never had an issue of this nature. If possible could you create a short video clip of this behavior plz.

    Thank you

  • I just noticed that the front nose gear is up as well

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    The issues that you mention is usually indicative of a protection issue if you are now saying that the gear is missing (your prop blades are possibly showing in an unfeathered position as well).

    The fix for this is re-installing using Administrator Rights, and not changing the directed path by the installer. If you are continually having issues then kindly write to our Support email.

    Thank you

  • I think I know what may be the issue as I've had it working before. I was using the Maule as the default aircraft then switching to the Q400, this was causing issues. I am now using the default Cessna and it looks like everything is okay. I will do more testing.

    I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused.

    Fly safe


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