CTD on Launch


P3D v4.5
Q400 with 1.020a patch

When selecting the Dash from the opening P3d scenario the screen goes black for a few seconds, 10 maybe then P3d crashes back to the desktop. If I launch into the default F-22 P3d starts OK. I can then go to vehicle and choose the Dash and away we go, but I don't want to have to do that each time. Any thoughts on how I can select the dash from the opening screen? Thanks.


  • What aircraft do you have selected as the default aircraft that loads with the opening screen? Usually if it is an aircraft other the P3D default aircraft, there can be undesired results similar to what you are experiencing.

    If you do happen to have an aircraft which is a complex aircraft being loaded on the opening screen prior to launching the Q400 then a CTD is highly probable. It is always best to start with the F-22 or Baron, etc.


  • Kroswyd, it's the default F-22.

  • I have the excact same problem!

  • OK, lets have a loser look into what your issue may be.

    Have you attempted to un-install then re-install the aircraft, be sure to re-install using Administrator Rights by right clicking on the installer?

  • Hello,

    I do not know if this would help to understand where this problem comes from.

    I have P3dv4.4 - Win 7 - FSUIPC - Q400 Pro with latest patch - Active Sky for P3d v4.4 - GSX - Everything installed with Admin rights. Drivers updated.

    Before to launch P3dv4.4 I use CCleaner 2 or 3 times. I do that all the time.

    I use the Q400 with 3 screens : Pilot / Overhead, pedestal, etc. / Co-pilot.

    The pilot and co-pilot screens are "virtual" and the middle screen is "2D".

    If I launch directly a scenario with this setup, it crashes.

    What I do now is to start with the F22, then a Q400 scenario with the 3 sceens "virtual" and when it finishes loaded I select the scenario with the 2 outside screens "virtual" and the middle screen "2D" and no more crashes.

    It takes about 2'40" to load from the start to the final setting that I like and never got crashes anymore. When the scenario is completely loaded I then position the Q400 to another airport if necessary.

    If needed I could post screens.



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