ctd with weather radar

I’ve been running into a issue with the q400 when I’ve finished pushing back I select the on position for the weather radar and if I try and scroll back to any of the other points for the weather radar the game freezes and crashes to the desktop.


  • Go to your SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400\ini folder and open the mjc84.ini in notepad. Right at the top there should be 2 lines. ASN_INTERFACE=0 and WXAR_INTERFACE=1. Make sure the WXAR_INTERFACE is set to 0."

    If you are using active sky for weather generation the be sure to change ASN_INTERFACE=0 to 1, if it is not already set to 1

    Keep us posted regarding the outcome


  • That seems to have worked thank you sorry never got a notification

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