External GPU still showed up

I bought it last night for the P3D v3.0 I did re-installed it again. However, I was able to remove the external GPU last night w/o issues by going to Data>Services> etc..and went away as it should.

So far, no clue why is doing that.




  • Hi Art,

    Try the following:

    1. Open P3d/FSX.
    2. Choose default aircraft (small aircraft like Cessna works for me).
    3. Choose location. (airport/runway or gate).
    4. Change aircraft from default to Q400.
    5. Go through procedures to start up Q400.
    6. Then go into the MCDU Data-Services-etc.

    I was having problems choosing one of the default aircraft such as the Maule. Choosing a different default aircraft (Cessna copied from FSX, using P3d now) solved my issues.

    Also make sure you install Q400 as administrator, open P3d as administrator as well.


  • Gracias Francisco. I'll try it tonight.

    I've always installed and run everything with Admin rights.



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