Event ID's

Hello, got the MD8 not long enough and been learning the system inside out. Using P3Dv4.

I've been looking all over for the event id's for this aircraft for use with FSUIPC / LINDA but can't find it. I do have the LINDA module but there are a few of controls not mapped that I would like to do, so I can mapped them into my personal controls. Not sure if it is called different for the MD8 but I think PMDG/Aerosoft/TFDi and few others call it that. Does this list exists for this aircraft? If it does, can someone point it out to me?



  • Hi,

    Check your Majestic folder for the doc\ExtInterfaces\XML folder. Via the XML interface you can communicate via LUA programs with the Q400. LINDA uses also this mechanism.

    In the referenced XLS sheet you find all variables to be set/read.


  • Awesome, thanks for the quick reply Reinhard.



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