Remote FMS


Is it possible with the Pro Edition to make a remote FMS for the Q400?

Would be really cool to have a app for the Dash. I have one for the pmdg 737 and that's really comfortable :)


  • We had elected not to implement the feature as the folks over at Remote CDU were planning on developing one for the Q400, but seems like the project is dead as we have not heard much more about it.

    As an an alternative one can use the FMS via an iPad if using an Air-bridge app, a bit slow but it works.

  • Thanks for the answer.

    I don't have an iPad, but an android Pad. I googled air-bridge app but found then a better solution for android. There are free apps which makes it possible to use your android device as an external display. Spacedesk is one of them. I will try that out.

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