Q300 Pilot Edition in FSX SE

Hi there.
I still have my original copy of the Q300. I use to use it in FSX but now using FSX Steam Edition. Does this version work in FSX SE ? I have installed it including the patch and it loads up, but it is behaving oddly. I cannot get the engines started in the usual way so I just tried the FSX shortcut of CTRL E etc. Engine 1 started but cannot get engine 2 to start. Plus the gauge readings are all over the place, twitching etc. Some the needle is moving but the numerical readout is still 0. The control surfaces are also twitching even after calibrating the yoke again.



  • Think I solved it. Reinstalled as Admin, tho some controls still not working eg trim on CH Yoke.

  • The software was originally developed for FS2004 then ported over to Fsx. The development of the Q300 ended long before Steam was produced and we moved on to develop the Q400, that being said we did not perform any testing to check for compatibility....

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