Hello everyone
recently I could see the trailer of the new flight simulator that should be released in 2020, needless to say at least for now the stunning graphic reality, but the question is spontaneous: how will the addons behave ??? I am a faithful of majestic, so when I talk about addon I only speak of majestich, you have some ideas about it, even if I realize it is premature to talk about it. regards


  • Unfortunately we are not in a position to make comment on something that was dropped like bombshell yesterday. Time will tell.

  • hahaha, ok, you used the right word, BOMB, I apologize, but as soon as I saw that graphic was automatic for me to add it all up to the DASH8 Q400, and the unimaginable exploded in my mind, rightly, time will tell us what it is really about, there is no doubt that if there were the possibility of being able to use external add-ons to a potential flight simulator of that range would be a huge breakthrough in the simulation

  • There is no information at present of use to ANY simmer... The only guess is that given the inaccuracy of Bing data, and the Azure integration the new sim is more game and thus a replacement for the dismal failure Flight Sim World.
    My guess is no weather-related textures, probably no tied weather engine, inadequate flight modelling and no access to aftermarket producers...

    Hope to be proved wrong, but fear I am not.
    Oh and don't expect ANY crossover with any other product, it uses Ray Tracing - FACT!

  • then it will mean that we will try to make the most of P3DV4 with our DASH8 Q400, hoping for training version

  • @snave
    For someone who has "no information at present of use to ANY simmer" you seem to know an awful lot....

  • I am sure there are some developers that are somewhat in the know regarding the new platform, but are held to NDAs. More information will become available in time and we'll see what the trodden path to making Majestic products compatible.......

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