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for pc problems I had to change motherboard and processor, but the hard disk remained the usual, I restarted the pc but I noticed that the program of the DASH8 Q400 PRO remained locked. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program and it seems to work, except that sometimes when booting to COLD AND DARK there is sometimes no sound, and as if it had reset the volume, do you have any advice for me? probably having changed the motherboard and processor has affected something, that's why I uninstalled and reinstalled it, maybe even uninstalling it left some files that have been overwritten with the new reinstallation ??? Thanks for your help


  • Normally the uninstall and reinstall corrects such issues. A few ideas that come to mind.

    1. Do you have this issue with other aircraft by chance? Slim chance but had to ask.

    2. Have you checked your onbord sound configurations when the no sound issue occurs?

    3. Have you applied all of the necessary updates available via the User Area?

    4. Attempt another uninstall and reinstall and be sure to install using administrator rights by right clicking on the installer and run as administrator.

    Keep us posted


  • I uninstalled and reinstalled the program and everything works properly thanks.

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